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What's Your Plan?

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I was sedentary for most of my life because I was always thin and really didn't "need" it. Or so I thought. A family history of heart disease, various cancers, and my own cancer diagnosis have changed that. I am now VERY active and feel much better as a result. Here's my exercise buffet:
  • Speed walking
    • I try to get in at least 20 miles a week
    • I do occasional half-marathons and have done one full marathon
  • When I am not speed walking, I do a "mini" program with the goal of getting at least 30 minutes of sustained, elevated heart rate. I alternate through the following activities:
    • Tread Climber
    • Barbells for curls, lateral raises, triceps lifts
    • Crunches (60 - 100)
What do you do to get more fit?
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