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Lurked long enough, I guess.

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I am itissteve. I am one of the moderators on Diabetes Forum, another VS property. I am diabetic.

Beyond that, however, I was attracted to this site because for many years I was a supporter/caretaker for a sibling that had severe progressive Multiple Sclerosis. That was an eye-opening excursion through the U.S. medical and the local government support systems.

What I've learned through both experiences is that patient voice (or those of their caregivers and supporters) is critical in making the best of the experience for all involved. It is that aspect of this site that I think I will be most involved. Life is super busy right now but I hope to contribute what I know and what I've learned as the site grows.

Nice to meet you folks!
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Welcome. I am a patient, but I am keenly aware of the truly hard work that caregivers provide. And that work is often at their own expense. Let's share our stories!
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