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Being Your Own Advocate

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The most essential things in your medical journey are being informed and identifying the questions you don’t have answers to. We live in a world where we have much information available to us. It is far too easy to drown in an ocean of online information that is either too much, too dated, or too hard to understand.

But if there IS something that you don’t understand, don’t settle for not knowing. Don’t settle for, ‘I’m not a doctor. I don’t need to understand this.’ You do. You need to understand what your disease state is like, how is your disease state progressing, and more.

How is your disease state going to affect every area of your life? You need to be informed. So if there’s something you don’t know or don’t understand, please ask the question, and if the answer isn’t satisfactory to what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to challenge it. You are paying for the time. Get your answers!
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